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Survivor: Guatemala The Maya Empire
OK, Survivors ready? Today's challenge is for my own purposes. Raise your hands if you've lied in the last few days. Stephenie,

Judd, Jamie, Gary... I'm not seeing those palms in the air. people.... remember that we are taping this show and people at home will be judging you.... No? Alrighty then, congrats on finding that immunity idol, Gary, you've saved yourself for another three days at least. Hope you are feeling good about yourself telling Mr. Probst outright that you haven't lied in this game.... Do the words, "I'm not Gary Hogeboom, the former pro-football player" ring any bells? Stephenie, I used to worship you when you were on Palau and struggling. I admired your underdog spirit and dogged determination in the face of poor odds, but now that you are in power... it seems like it has gone to your head. Would you really tell Gary when he was going home if you knew? You tell him you would, but clearly you had no intention of doing that. Jamie, you made a nice gesture by giving up your food reward so that everyone else got a better meal, to make up for being such an ass last week. It probably wasn't a totally selfless move, but good strategy. But now we saw Gary come over and say he'd vote however you wanted, but what did you tell your alliance mates again? Was it that Gary specifically said he was targeting you? Yeah. Judd, you won that nice reward and then picked... Bobby Jon and Stephenie to share in your drunken cigar-filled evening. Weird, but fine. But you also got a clue as to where that immunity idol is and that it wasn't on the ground. Now what did you tell your whole team (except for Steph) again? Oh yeah, that it was absolutely on the ground. Nice. Thanks for playing. Probably the only person who has been completely honest in the game is Bobby Jon, who just got the boot. I've got a feeling this is all going to get ugly really, really soon.