Ousted Survivor: Marquesas stud Hunter Ellis is probably regretting asking Rosie O'Donnell to give a shout-out to his mom on last Thursday's Rosie O'Donnell Show. Not only did she say hello, O'Donnell took it upon herself to invite Mrs. Ellis to join her 33-year-old bachelor son on an all-expenses-paid cruise to Alaska!

Nothing says, "Iceberg, dead ahead!" like a week-long pleasure trip with your mother.

"I talked to my mom [later that morning] and she goes, 'I want to know — is my name on the ticket?'" Ellis recalls to TV Guide Online with a chuckle. "She started laughing and then said, 'If you ditch me and take some girl...'"

Although Ellis hasn't decided whether he'll throw Mama from the boat, the former Navy fighter pilot insists that if the old woman does end up tagging along, they won't be playing shuffleboard on the Lido deck. "Evidently, the cruise is adventure-related and you go ice climbing and do all this crazy stuff," explains the avid outdoorsman, whose impressive leadership skills led his lame Maraamu tribemates to give him the boot. "My mom is somebody that I could have fun doing all that with. I'd say, 'Mom, go ahead and climb up alongside that cliff!'"

For our money, we predict Ellis will cast away Mom in favor of his Marquesas crush, Gina. Natch, the Southern Cal grad downplays the duo's island flirtation. "Gina's a beautiful, beautiful gal, but we're friends," he winks. "Who's to say what [might happen] years down the road... but right now, we're not dating."

Still, Ellis won't deny that he certainly fancied the 28-year-old nature guide. "Anybody in their right mind would be a fool to say they weren't attracted to Gina," he says, "because she's absolutely amazing."

Mom, don't start packing your bags...