Question: Are you sure Invasion's Tyler Labine is joining Boston Legal? I have not read that anywhere else but here.

Answer: In other words, you don't believe what you read here until it's confirmed by another outlet? That's rich. Well, not that I need to prove anything to you, but Tyler Labine corroborated my report himself during a phone call last week. "I'm signed on for the whole season, except for the first three episodes," he says. "I don't even know my character's name yet. I can only assume they want me to play some kind of quirky, unconventional ass---e lawyer. I loved playing that kind of character on Kevin Hill, but then the show got canned. I guess David E. Kelley saw [that show] and thought I'd make a great addition." Is that official enough for you, PGP? If not, I'll try to obtain a copy of his Legal contract and fax it over to you. Just let me know.