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Supernatural's Jensen Ackles Hurt Jared Padalecki's Feelings Over the Spin-Off

But they're all good now... we think?

Tim Surette

The CW

Through thick and thin over Supernatural's 15 seasons of demon-hunting and world-saving, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) Winchester had each other's backs. But they weren't without their dustups and disagreements, like when Sam was possessed by Lucifer, or when Dean made the decision to sacrifice his life for his brother. Breaking apart and coming back together was a regular ebb and flow of the show, and one of the reasons Supernatural was so popular among its fans who were invested in Sam and Dean's relationship.

Behind the scenes, however, things were always great, with Jared and Jensen publicly bromancing each other -- another reason fans were so dedicated to the show and cast. But on Thursday, it seemed as though Jared and Jensen may have had one of their on-screen sibling rows in real life. 

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When news of an upcoming Supernatural prequel -- focusing on Sam and Dean's parents John and Mary Winchester -- produced by Jensen Ackles was announced Thursday evening, fans weren't the only ones surprised. Apparently, Jared Padalecki was learning of the project at the same time as the rest of the internet, and to put it bluntly, his heart was, understandably, crushed into itty-bitty pieces that he was left out of the project. "Dude. Happy for you," he tweeted in response to the announcement shared by Ackles. "Wish I heard about this some way other than Twitter. I'm excited to watch, but bummed that Sam Winchester had no involvement whatsoever."

Padalecki, who has already moved on from Supernatural as the star of The CW's Walker, reiterated that it wasn't a joke, replying to a fan that he was being serious and that he was "gutted." Ouch! 

The world waited with bated breath for a response of some kind from Jensen, which we finally got around midday on Friday, via another tweet from Jared, explaining that the two had talked and worked everything out. "@JensenAckles and I had a great talk, as we do often, and things are good," Padalecki tweeted. "The show is early in the process with miles to go. We've traveled a lot of roads together, and sometimes those damn roads have bumps. Bumps don't stop us. Once brothers, always brothers. #spnfmaily"

Ackles broke his social media silence, responding to Padalecki's tweet with his own message of brotherly love: "Love you @parpad ... Miss these talks. I forgot how much face time we always used to get. And I miss that oo. I know you're busy...as am I, but you're still my brother. I miss you, pal."

It's great to see these two, at least publicly, back to their lovey-dovey brotherly relationship. But was Ackles in the wrong for not discussing this at all with the friend he worked with for 15 years? Or is this just Hollywood business?

Supernatural is now streaming on Netflix.