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Supernatural's Rob Benedict on Why Sam and Dean Probably Forgot About Adam

It all makes sense now

Keisha Hatchett

Adam Milligan (Jake Abel) will make his long-awaited return to Supernatural in Thursday's midseason finale in what promises to be a very complicated family reunion with Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles). As the Winchesters continue their efforts to take down Chuck (Rob Benedict) once and for all, their quest leads them right to their long-lost half brother Adam, who's been locked away in Lucifer's Cage since the end of Season 5.

Being stuck in hell with the archangel Michael for a decade probably hasn't been a picnic for the youngest of John Winchester's (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) sons, so don't expect him to welcome his brothers with open arms. According to Rob Benedict, Adam's potentially strained relationship with Sam and Dean presents the perfect opportunity for Chuck to try and sway Adam to his side.

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"I wouldn't put it past Chuck to try to get to Adam and try to use that [to his advantage]," Benedict teased to TV Guide. "He's looking for allies right now."

​Jake Abel, Supernatural

Jake Abel, Supernatural

The CW

It really wouldn't be surprising if Adam were to turn against his brothers given that Sam and Dean have had ample opportunity to rescue him but apparently never got around to pulling him from the underworld. But while that seems pretty neglectful on their part -- they're all about family, after all -- there could be another, more reasonable explanation for the Winchesters forgetting about their younger bro: Chuck.

"He's like the showrunner, he's ultimately writing every chapter, so I think you can blame Chuck for [the Adam situation]," Benedict explained. "You could also say that Chuck's responsible for Adam coming back."

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Chuck's ascension as this season's ultimate big bad is something no one expected, including Benedict, who admitted that he's enjoying this diabolical twist to the divisive character. "It's so fun to be a part of the final season, and there's nothing more epic than Sam and Dean going up against God," he said. "I never expected it but it's certainly been gratifying to play that kind of character."

We might not know exactly what Chuck has planned for all three Winchesters ahead of his proposed grand finale, but as the author of their story, it's clear he holds all of the cards right now.

Supernatural's midseason finale airs Thursday at 8/7c on The CW.

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​Rob Benedict, Supernatural

Rob Benedict, Supernatural

The CW