Supernatural's 14th season will find Jack (Alexander Calvert) in a very dark place. Now that he's no longer the powerful Nephilim who can send bodies across the room with the flick of his wrist, he'll be forced to grapple with something he's never had to deal with before: what it means to be human.

The Season 13 finale saw Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino) steal Jack's grace only to be killed by Michael in Dean's (Jensen Ackles) body, leaving Jack utterly powerless. Considering he used to be one of the most powerful beings in the universe, adjusting to life without his super abilities won't be an easy feat and he'll need all the support he can get. Fortunately for Jack, Cas will be right there to help him out of a major funk.

"[Cas] was the one charged with being the father by Kelly Kline (Courtney Ford) before she died so they have this kind of automatic bond. Cas, especially with Sam so occupied with finding Dean, kind of steps into that void to pull Jack up from a very very dark place because Jack is in total despair. [Jack] thinks he has no place in the universe and Cas has to prove him different," writer and executive producer Brad Buckner told TV Guide.

If there's anyone who understands what Jack is going through, it's Cas. After all, Cas lost his powers back in Season 5 when he fell from grace so he knows a thing or two about bouncing back from a major setback.

"[Jack is] almost human and he has to deal with what a miserable experience it is to be human and to be unable to snap your fingers and solve problems magically. So Cas is in a unique position to help him with that because Cas went through that and has come out the other side," Misha Collins explained. "[He] knows that Jack can lean on Sam and Dean and Cas, and that he has this support. And that it's not all about his supernatural powers. That's not the only reason that he's in this family, in this fray. So it's interesting new territory for Cas, being kind of a mentor."

More than a mentor, Cas will be something of a father figure to Jack. "Cas is gonna be in dad mode," added Collins. Dad Cas? Now that's something we can't wait to see!

Supernatural returns for Season 14 on Thursday, Oct. 11 at 8/7c on The CW.

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