Misha Collins Misha Collins

Misha Collins will return to Supernatural for at least three episodes later this season, The CW announced Monday.

Collins, 37, played the angel Castiel for two seasons before he left at the beginning of this season.

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In the Season 7 premiere, we saw Castiel act as God after ingesting all the souls in purgatory the previous season. However, we later discovered that he had also ingested the Leviathans, which took over Castiel's body and declared that he was dead. The last time viewers saw Castiel, his body disappeared into a whirlpool, leaving behind only his trench coat.

Collins will make his first appearance in the 17th episode of this season and is slated to appear in at least two more episodes after that. He will also guest-star on another CW series, Ringer, early next year.

Are you glad Collins is returning to Supernatural? What do you think is next for Castiel?