Question: If you see Supernatural creator Eric Kripke at press tour, can you ask him if we'll ever see Ava again? I really hope she's not dead.

Answer: I can, and I did, and you're going to both love and hate his answer (in that order). "Ava is coming back for the season finale," he told me. But it's for just "one more episode, Episode 21." After that, sorry, Darcy, but you don't stand a ghost of a chance of seeing her again. "We thought at the beginning [about her being] a potential love interest for Sam," Kripke admitted. "But we came up with a [different] game plan for her that we were more excited about." OK, I'll bite: What's the new game plan? "Ava is one of the children who are chosen the way Sam is," Kripke revealed. "We climax [the selected-children] story line. We end it in the last two episodes of the season, and we bring all of the special children together in one location and then sort of decide who's going to remain standing. So that was the story line that ended up taking precedence [over Ava's potential romance with Sam], this idea of a competition to see who of the psychic children will survive."