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Supergirl's Chyler Leigh Says 'A Lot of Rebuilding' Needs to Happen with Lena

"We all know that Alex is fiercely protective of Kara," Leigh said

Lindsay MacDonald

Fans got the moment we've all been waiting for this season on Supergirl when Lena (Katie McGrath) finally realized her animosity towards Kara and Supergirl had driven her too close to the edge of villainy and decided to beg for forgiveness. Watching her come to Kara and deliver such a heartfelt and tearful apology got us right in the feels! Unfortunately, the road to forgiveness might not be so simple.

TV Guide spoke to Chyler Leigh about Supergirl's upcoming finale, and whether the gang would welcome Lena back into the fold after so much bad blood had passed between them.

"I would definitely not say welcome," Leigh told TV Guide. "But there is definitely a mutual understanding that this is much bigger than [what] can just be done at this point by the superfriends. So, in a lot of ways, they have to trust her to a certain extent, but there's a lot of rebuilding that needs to happen."

We all know the best way to rebuild trust and friendship is to take down a supervillain and ancient global terrorist organization, which is exactly what Lena and Kara (Melissa Benoist) will have to do. Now that they've confirmed Lex is working with Leviathan to use Obsidian for evil purposes, they've all got their work cut out for them.

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Unfortunately, Lena might be the only person who can help them counteract her own Q-wave project, and trusting her isn't going to come easily to either Kara or Alex.

"It's almost, in a sense, kind of tables being turned," Leigh said, "because it was everybody else trying to reconcile with her, but for her to have to come back very, very humbled and in a position of weakness is not something that she is used to doing. There's a lot of caution... You see Alex trying to give her a chance and trying to say, 'Hey, maybe this is something that is OK.' [Alex is] kind of almost wrestling with it herself to say, 'Wait, this is what we've been through. This is my sister, ultimately, that is being put in a position of vulnerability as well.' And we all know that Alex is fiercely protective of Kara. So it is very layered, but they ultimately have to work together. Seeing how that unfolds, I'm interested from the fans' perspective of what they think."

We think it's probably safe to say that fans are going to be all kinds of emotional watching Lena, Kara, Alex, and all the superfriends rebuild the relationships that took such a hit in Season 5.

Supergirl airs Sundays at 8/7c on The CW.

Katie McGrath, Supergirl

Katie McGrath, Supergirl

Dean Buscher, Dean Buscher/The CW