We finally got to see more of Winns's (Jeremy Jordan) past on Supergirl! Monday night's episode, aptly titled "Schott Through the Heart," kicked things off with some fun karaoke performances by Kara (Melissa Benoist) and the rest of the gang before diving deep into Winn's deep-seeded family drama.

The episode saw Roseanne star Laurie Metcalf head to the series as Winn's long-lost mother who came out of the woodwork following the news of his father's (Henry Czerny) death. Naturally, Winn was taken aback by her sudden arrival after 20 years and had a difficult time processing her visit. Believing that she simply abandoned him as a kid, she dropped a major bombshell with the reveal that Winn Sr. was abusive and threatened Winn's life if she didn't leave. However, they didn't have much time to hash things out with the Toyman's apprentice wreaking havoc while carrying out her mentor's final wishes.

TV Guide hit up Jeremy Jordan to weigh in on Winn's big hour including how that revelation will affect him moving forward, his favorite karaoke performance of the night and what we can expect in the remaining episodes of the season.

How has losing his parents, his father to prison and his mother who ran away at such a young age helped shape who he is today?
Jeremy Jordan:
Who Winn is today is more shaped by his relationship with Supergirl but who Winn was before when we first met him was very closed off. He suppressed a lot of those negative feelings until he didn't have to deal with them anymore which is why he has his sense of humor. He blocks it out with jokes and with work until he's forced to confront it, and then it all just comes crashing down on him at once. What's different between this episode and [the one with his father in Season 1] is that he's grown so much. He's grown up and learned a lot about himself so that he can handle it in a much more mature and positive way instead of just going dark.

In this episode, we learned that Winn's mom abandoned him because his father was abusive and had threatened Winn's life if she stayed. How does this revelation change the way he views his parents?
Jordan: He still sees his father as a psychopath who betrayed him and his family. By the end of the episode, hopefully he begins to understand why his mother did what she did although she didn't try. [She just] succumbs to that threat and Winn really holds onto that for a long time. It takes time and I think he has enough empathy to come around to it. But it's not gonna be a simple thing for him. Going forward, it helps open him up to the idea of his place in life. It opens him up to the bigger questions.

We saw them start to reconcile at the end. Is this something that we'll continue to see explored in the series?
Jordan: Unfortunately, we only have Laurie [Metcalf] for the one episode so far. We talk about it, for sure, afterward and I think it's inferred that there is a tentative relationship going forward. But in terms of seeing it, she's busy.

Let's talk about those fun karaoke scenes. What was it like filming that?
Jordan: We were a little tentative about it at first because it seemed like a bit of a ploy because we're all singers. But we decided to take it in a fun, goofy way like karaoke actually is. We just basically sat there and made it as varied and fun as possible.

There were plenty of memorable performances like Kara's "Intergalactic" and Maggie's "I Drove All Night." Who do you think was the best out of the group?
Jordan: I'm gonna give the award to M'yrnn (Carl Lumbly). He did some Elvis Presley which was pretty special for us.

What can you tease about Winn's journey in the remaining episodes?
Jordan: Winn's mom returning has opened him up to the idea of him making more of a difference in the world. He's at his dream job working at the D.E.O. but I think he recognizes that he is still smarter and has more to offer than he gives himself credit for. So we see him start to explore those possibilities — or maybe not! He falls back into old patterns of denial and self-deprecation but I do think he's finally gonna start to try to recognize his full potential.

Supergirl airs Mondays at 8/7c on the CW.

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Jeremy Jordan and Laurie Metcalf,<em> Supergirl</em>Jeremy Jordan and Laurie Metcalf, Supergirl