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Supergirl Boss Explains Why Kara and James Are Better as Friends

The non-couple broke up in the Season 2 premiere

Kaitlin Thomas

After a couple of of kisses followed by a couple of missed dates, Supergirl's Kara (Melissa Benoist) opted to put the brakes on her budding relationship with James (Mehcad Brooks) in Monday's Season 2 premiere, noting that in her gut she knew they were better off as friends.

The narrative decision blindsided viewers who were supportive of the relationship while delighting others who never thought Kara and James had the chemistry the show wanted us to believe they did. But after a season-long arc of Kara pining for her friend and co-worker, how did she end up at this messy conclusion? Was it the result of a course correction following the show's move to The CW or was it something more? It turns out it was a bit more complicated than that.

"We sort of felt like we were pursuing that relationship more because we felt like we had to than any of us was really truly feeling it," explained executive producer Andrew Kreisberg, following a small press screening Tuesday. "We realized that the best scenes between [Kara and James] were just the nice, sweet scenes where they were being friends."

Supergirl: Kara and James were put out of our misery

According to Kreisberg, not even a new crop of writers could make the struggling romance work between Kara and James, and rather than have their relationship end offscreen prior to the start of the season -- especially after making such a big deal about it in the first season -- the writers chose to write it into the existing story.

"The theme of last year was how does Kara become Supergirl? The theme of this year is how does Supergirl become Kara? It felt like there was a way to have that realization and actually be part of the story," said Kreisberg. "It felt like a very natural, very real story that we could be telling."

For those still upset about the swift end to their favorite 'ship, look on the bright side! James will soon be taking up the mantle of DC Comics vigilante Guardian and will probably have his hands so full of crime-fighting that he won't have time to dwell on his non-breakup.

Plus, now this leaves the door wide open for Kara and The Flash/Barry (Grant Gustin) to officially happen when Kara crosses over to the rest of The CW's superhero series later this season.

Supergirl airs Mondays at 8/7c on The CW.