Kara Zor-El (Melissa Benoist) will get some good news in Monday's Supergirl finale.

First, she has to take down her Myriad-controlled sister (Chyler Leigh) and somehow return the people of National City to their normally functioning selves before her uncle can take over planet Earth, but if she can pull that off, there may be some room for some romance.

Moments before Myriad took over National City, Kara finally worked up the nerve to kiss James Olsen (Mehcad Brooks), only to have him turn into a mind-controlled autobot the second their lips met. Brooks promisesTVGuide.com that if James had his wits about him, he "for sure" would have kissed Kara back, and he'll potentially make up for that on Monday night.

Supergirl: Non deploys his master plan at a crucial time

"He is more of his own man. He's more sure of the things he wants in his life," Brooks says. "There is a surprise moment toward the end where James takes a brave step with Kara. That's a huge 180 in some ways. "The magnet of attraction for these two has been pulling strongly all season and it only seems fair that if Kara can save the world she can finally have a moment with the guy she's been pining for since the first episode.

"The best relationships are people that are friends first. They have that and they have this partnership. There's this kinship and a working relationship and everything seems to be working," Brooks says about their attraction. "Even when it's not, they seem to magnetize back to each other. There's a mutual attraction, but it's based on a real friendship and desire to help people."

The question is: Will James' bold move come before Myriad succeeds or will it be another missed chance for these lovebirds?

Supergirl concludes its first season Monday night at 8/7c on CBS.

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