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Supergirl EP Explains the 'Empowering' Theme of the Final Season

Plus, how COVID shook up the show's game plan

Megan Vick
David Harewood, Melissa Benoist, and Jesse Rath, Supergirl

David Harewood, Melissa Benoist, and Jesse Rath, Supergirl

The CW

Supergirl finally returns this week after almost a year off the air. Like hundreds of other shows, the CW superhero show had its latest season curtailed by the COVID-19 pandemic, forcing the fifth season to conclude on a cliffhanger that left Brainy (Jesse Rath) in mortal danger. The Supergirl Season 6 premiere will pick up where the finale left off, but where the story goes from there is a little different than the creative team had originally imagined before the pandemic. 

"I think [the shutdown] changed [the season] a lot. We refocused the story we wanted to tell after everything got shut down and we kind of knew the world we were living in," executive producer Robert Rovner told TV Guide ahead of the premiere. "[We] wanted to make sure that the show commented on that in some way. Also, knowing that this was our last season, we really wanted to figure out for all of us how we wanted to end the show, what we wanted the last season to be about thematically, and that it would complete the journey of the series. We spent a lot of time crafting that." 

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As Rovner mentioned, the Season 6 premiere is not just the first episode back after a long hiatus but also the kickoff of Supergirl's farewell season. The Super Friends not only have to find a way to heal after all of the Leviathan drama in Season 5 — Lena (Katie McGrath) and Kara (Melissa Benoist) are still rebuilding the trust between them, even though they're in a better place than they have been in a long time — but they also have to figure out what to do about Lex Luthor (Jon Cryer) once and for all. The egomaniacal villain has yet another diabolical plan, and he starts Season 6 more powerful than ever, which is extremely relevant to the thematic message of the entire final season. 

"The theme that we tend to focus on this year is about power and the abuse of power, the limits of power from above... That doesn't just include our bad guys either, which is easy, but it's also in terms of our [Super Friends] making decisions because the power is almost limitless," Rovner explained. "I think the ultimate message of the show, besides hope and compassion, really is about living your authentic life and empowering everybody. That's the message of the season: that power can't just be held in the hands of our Super Friends. We need the people in power to help empower people."

Supergirl Season 6 premieres Tuesday, March 30 at 9/8c on The CW.