There once was a time when June meant the end of the school year and the beginning of three months spent outdoors, playing baseball, riding your bike to the beach, and stuffing yourself full of whatever is actually in a hotdog (do you actually know?). In 2018, summer looks a little different. It means never leaving your couch, catching up on the old episodes of Nashville stored on your DVR, and watching a ton of other returning TV favorites.

The Best New Shows That Will Help You Beat the Heat

Now, if you've forgotten what happened last season on Syfy's Wynonna Earp or Starz's Power, we won't hold it against you — remembering everything that happens on a show is hard when there are approximately 5 billion shows on TV! That's why we've prepared a cheat sheet just for you. In the gallery below, you can find out not only when your favorite shows are returning and where they left off, but also what's coming next for shows like Insecure and Younger.

So, grab yourself an ice-cold beverage, check out the gallery, and settle in for the best summer of your life.*