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Suits Mega Buzz: Who's Going to Prison?

Plus: Which deal did Mike take?

Joyce Eng

Suits? More like prison jumpsuits!

As the promo teases, someone is going to prison now that Mike (Patrick J. Adams) has accepted a deal with Gibbs (Leslie Hope). Here's his choice: plead guilty, do two years and she'll leave the firm alone or plead guilty, do no time but turn on his pals so she can prosecute them?

Mike's decision will be revealed in the opening minutes of Wednesday's season finale (10/9c, USA), so, no, unfortunately, Harvey (Gabriel Macht) does interfere in time. That, naturally, is not going to stop Harvey from doing everything he can to find a way to cut a new deal with Gibbs, as seen in the exclusive sneak peek above. But does Mike even want Harvey to save him?
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"I think ultimately Mike wants to plead guilty no matter what. He wants to take the deal," Adams tells TVGuide.com. "He's a relatively moral character and [knows] that when you do something this wrong, it never ends, you can't hide from it forever. I think that's part of him coming of age, finally realizing that is gonna haunt him for the rest of his life. And worse than haunting him, it's gonna haunt the people he loves. Harvey had done so much for him. He's found the love of this life. He's found a family in these people. He's thought about this. It's not about him thinking he won't be [found not guilty]."

Though Mike takes the deal, the actual verdict will be revealed in the episode. "[The way] that's handled was very interesting," Adam teases.
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