TMZ has obtained video that reportedly shows hip-hop mogul Suge Knight hitting two men with his car in a parking lot, killing one.

Suge Knight has been charged with murder in the death of Terry Carter, who died after he was run over by Knight.

Suge Knight rushed to hospital after pleading not guilty to murder

The video posted by TMZ shows Knight arriving in his car at Tam's Burgers in Compton, Calif. Knight claims he went to make amends with Dr. Dre, who was filming a documentary there, after being kicked out of a location 20 minutes earlier. Upon arriving, Knight is assaulted by security man Cle "Bone" Sloan, who confronts Knight through the window of his vehicle.

Knight abruptly backs up the car, knocking Sloan down in the process. Then, he runs over Carter, who has moved into the parking lot, and also hits Sloan a second time.

Both the defense and prosecution are hoping to use the video as evidence in the trial. The prosecution claims Knight could have left the scene without incident. Knight claims that he didn't intend to run over either man, and was trying to escape because some of the men in the crowd had guns and he feared for his life.

Watch the video below. (Warning: It contains graphic images.)