New light has been shed on NBC's mid-season slate, detailed in this column Wednesday afternoon. Variety reports that The Black Donnellys and Raines will land on Monday and Friday, replacing Studio 60 and Las Vegas, respectively, when they (finally) premiere in early March. At that time, Studio 60 will have four episodes remaining in the can, though it is not certain when they will air. Also, the Season 2 bow of America's Got Talent has been bumped from January to summer. ( That one was keeping me awake last night, yep.)

Over at CBS, Stanley Tucci's 3 LBS has been declared brain-dead (as Variety aptly puts it) after three airings, and placed on hiatus. Filling CBS' Tuesdays-at-10 time slot, starting Dec. 19, will be crime-drama encores. I'm sorry, Amy Smart was dissed for this?