Amanda Peet by Art Streiber/NBC Amanda Peet by Art Streiber/NBC

As previously reported, NBC is bringing back Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, albeit on Thursday, May 24, the day after sweeps ends. Still, if all goes well, steadfast fans of 30 Rock's more serious big brother will get to see the first season's five unaired episodes.

Pondering the surprising fate of a show with such a solid pedigree - crafted by Aaron Sorkin, and populated by the likes of proven TV draws Matthew Perry and Bradley Whitford - Amanda Peet shrugs off talk that S60 tried to be too smart for the room. "It was definitely very ambitious," she tells, "but a part of me wonders if, had it been an unknown writer-creator instead of Aaron Sorkin, we would have had more time to find our tone and focus. Because we were under a microscope from the moment we arrived, it was very difficult for the creators to feel free to follow the strengths of the show and see that through."

Peet can next be seen starring alongside two other members of the Underappreciated TV Show All-star Team, Jason Bateman and Zach Braff, in the comedy The Ex, in theaters May 11. For Braff's latest take on Scrubs' own fate, see the TV Guide News Report.