Kelly Clarkson by Chapman Baehler/NBC Photo Kelly Clarkson by Chapman Baehler/NBC Photo

And the hits keep on coming... yet don't. "Never Again," the first single from Kelly Clarkson's new album streeting Tuesday, isn't the tops, say program directors for New York City's top-40 stations. "We're disappointed," WHTZ's Tom Poleman tells the New York Daily News. "It's done OK, not great." Adds WPLJ's Tom Cuddy, "We finally dropped it [in the rotation]. Listener response just wasn't there."

Worse yet, the forecast for Clarkson's follow-up single isn't much better. Says Poleman, "I've heard [it] and the potential isn't that great." "You're rooting for her to have hits," says WLTW's Jim Ryan, "but if the listeners don't love it, we can't play it." In other words, for American Idol Kelly, this isn't her now, this is her, "No, thank you."