It's the end of March, which means we know you're anxiously pouring over your NCAA March Madness bracket. If the opening weekend didn't completely mess up your flow then we've got good news - you can stream all of the March Madness games for free even if you aren't near a TV.

All the games airing on CBS are available for free on the March Madness Live or CBS Sports apps. The other matchups require a certified network provider to get to the stream. See how you can tune in to the big games below.

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Miami vs Villanova (CBS, 7:10/6:10c): The first sweet sixteen game is on CBS so all you need is the March Madness Live or the CBS Sports app to stream. Both apps are available for iOs, Windows 10 and Android devices. If you want to watch on your desktop or laptop you can hop over to or March Madness Live. The CBS Sports app is also available on Xbox One, Apple TV and Roku players and Chromecast. The March Madness app is also available for Amazon Fire, Apple TV and Roku.

Texas A&M vs Oklahoma (TBS, 7:37/6:37c): To watch the Texas A&M vs Oklahoma game you'll need a certified cable provider to get access to the stream. The game is available on the March Madness Live app or on the Watch TBS app (available on iOs, Windows devices, Android devices and Amazon Fire). If you're on your laptop just hop over to

Kansas vs Maryland (CBS, 9:40/8:40c) - It's a CBS game so follow the same instructions as the Miami and Villanova game.

Oregon vs Duke (TBS, 9:55/8:55c) - For the last game of the night (and maybe the most anticipated), you'll have to return to the Watch TBS app or use the March Madness Live app, but you'll need a certified cable provider to be able to log in.

What to do if you don't have a certified cable provider: Short of asking a friend or neighbor to borrow their account info, you can strategically time a free trial of Sling TV or Playstation Vue to coincide with your March Madness addiction. Both of those services allow you to stream CBS and TBS in real time.

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