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The Trailer for Strange Angel Brings Sexy Blood Orgies to... CBS All Access?

This show looks very weird

Tim Surette

"From the family of networks who brought you Young Sheldon..." CUT TO: A red priest drinking goat's blood from a hollowed-out skull.

OK, CBS All Access' new series Strange Angel isn't quite that, but it is great to see the streaming side of CBS go pretty nuts. Strange Angel tells the true story of Jack Parsons (Detroit's Jack Reynor), who sounds like a bit of an odd duck. In the 1930s, he worked as a janitor but also studied rocket science in his spare time in an effort to get man to the moon. Also, he was involved in a weird blood magick cult based on the wacky Satanic-adjacent philosophy of Aleister Crowley.

That last bit is the standout in the first trailer for the series, as Parsons goes all Eyes Wide Shut but darker during weird sex rituals. Occultist Crowley believed that sexual energy could be channeled to improve one's life, and Parsons got pulled into the cult in order to improve his rocket science. Hey, whatever works.

In addition Reynor, Strange Angel also stars Rupert Friend, Bella Heathcote and Peter Mark Kendall.

Strange Angel premieres Thursday, June 14 on CBS All Access. New episodes will be released on Thursdays.