Steve Carell, The Office Steve Carell, The Office

NBC's Steve Carell exit from The Office promises to be a big one — that's what she said — and it now has an airdate.

The episode, which wrapped production last week, is expected to air on Thursday, April 28. That's the first night of May sweeps, when the networks load up on events and special episodes. And the departure of Carell certainly qualifies.

Although the network remains mum on how Michael Scott (Carell) departs the Scranton office of Dunder Mifflin, here's what we do know: The man who brought the character into the world is now the man taking him out. Greg Daniels, the Simpsons and King of the Hill alum who originally adapted Ricky Gervais' The Office for American audiences (starting with the show's pilot), was the writer on Carell's final episode as well. Daniels continues to serve as an executive producer on The Office, as well as another Thursday night NBC series, Parks and Recreation.

Steve Carell on Office Exit: Strange But Bittersweet

Leading up to the Carell exit, guest star Will Ferrell will first show up on the April 14 episode of The Office. He'll also appear on April 21, and again on the April 28 Michael Scott farewell.

After Carell departs, Ferrell will stick around for one more episode (May 5). Ferrell, of course, is not the show's permanent Michael Scott replacement. The fate of the Dunder Mifflin regional manager job will play out on the show's season finale, an hour-long episode set to run on May 19.

Steve Carell to Leave The Office Before Season Finale

The Office writer and co-star Mindy Kaling recently gave TV Guide Magazine a list of three potential scenarios for Carell's exit that were ultimately nixed, including an untimely death: "That was something we pitched forever. If it had been my decision, he would have been leaning on a pane of glass in the conference room and fallen to his death."

And in honor of Carell's last day, Rainn Wilson ("Dwight Schrute") tweeted on Friday that "the angels of comedy wept."

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