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Stephen Colbert returned to The Colbert Report Monday after canceling two shows last week because of "unforeseen circumstances." And those were?

Colbert Report taken off the air due to "unforeseen circumstances"

Well, first, they were not that the FCC shut down the show due to his upcoming (fake) presidential candidacy or that he angered the Pope or that he had plastic surgery — on his face, eyes and nose, at least.After he debunked all the rumors, Colbert quickly added: "Oh, one more thing. Evidently, having 11 children makes you tough as nails. Confidential to a lovely lady." That lovely lady would be his 91-year-old mother, Lorna Colbert, who is reportedly ill. (Colbert is the youngest of 11.)

The Colbert Report to return Monday after sudden hiatus

Colbert did not delve into any more specifics, but on Friday, he thanked fans for their support on Twitter: "My family and I would like to thank everyone who has offered their thoughts and prayers. We are grateful and touched by your concern."Watch the clip below: