Shrieking white-hot sphere of pure rage Donald Trump has been having a rough week: Anderson Cooper let him look stupid and his campaign manager was arrested for assaulting a reporter. And, on Wednesday's Late Show, host Stephen Colbert devoted a chunk of the show to mocking Trump's behavior. (The GOP frontrunner also made a truly idiotic statement about abortion Wednesday, which he personally admitted he didn't mean, but that happened late enough in the day that it didn't even make Colbert's bit).

During Tuesday's CNN town hall, Anderson Cooper told Trump that he was acting like a 5-year-old. In vintage Colbert Report fashion, Colbert ran with Cooper's assessment of the aspiring Commander-in-Chief's moronic behavior on Wednesday night.

Colbert ran down a long list of Trump's misdeeds and peccadilloes, calling him "a cartoonish version of himself," before introducing an actual cartoon version of Trump.

John Oliver Lays Into Donald Trump

Colbert asked Cartoon Trump to respond to Anderson Cooper's comments, to which Cartoon Trump replied "Anderson Cooper's a dumb-dumb. A stupid-head. A total poopy-pants. It's sad."

When Colbert said he sounded like an idiot, Cartoon Trump said, "Stephen, I'm rubber, you're glue. I have a lawyer and I will sue."

It's funny, but also disturbing, because it's only a slight exaggeration of how the likely presidential nominee actually behaves.

Check it out here:

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