Don't expect Stephen Amell's Oliver Queen to disappear from the Arrowverse altogether once Arrow's eighth and final season gives way to the epic Crisis on the Infinite Earths crossover extravaganza. The actor has now confirmed that he is willing to return to the role for future Arrow spin-off appearances.

As detailed by CBR, Amell appeared at MegaCon 2019 and told the Orlando crowd, "I owe so much to them, so if five years from now they're wrapping up Show X and they were like, 'You know what would be the cherry on top of the sundae? Would you come back?' What am I going to say? No?'" Amell did qualify that he wouldn't be willing to mask up if "it's a sh---y idea," but said, "I owe a lot to people, so if they need something from me, they can always have it."

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Of course, even if Amell is willing to appear in future installments of the Arrowverse, the character is expected to die to save the multi-verse in the Infinite Earths event. The Arrow Season 7 finale revealed that Oliver made a deal with the Monitor (LaMonica Garrett) in Elseworlds and that he would die in the crisis. Arrow's flash-forwards then showed Oliver's headstone with the date 2019.

Amell has portrayed the title superhero in Arrow since the series first launched in 2012 and has since appeared in each of the series' spin-offs, The Flash, Vixen, DC's Legends of Tomorrow and even the standalone series Supergirl.

Arrow's final season will run for 10 episodes in the fall 2019 season.