Question: What is the status of the two Deadwood movies? The last I'd heard, they were all but agreed upon and the contracts had to be settled. Is there any update you can give us?

Answer: Glad you asked. Ian McShane told's Matt Mitovich that the actors are currently working out deals and the two movies are scheduled to begin shooting next May. McShane even offered a prediction as to how it'll end. "It will probably end with the town burning down," he says. "Actually, the real Deadwood burned twice. My character, Swearengen, died in the stockyards in Denver, broke, in 1899. Nobody seems to know why. When you look at the history of Deadwood, there's a lot more known about the other characters than there is about Swearengen, except that he was married twice, divorced twice, a wife-beater... a terrible guy."