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Stargate Universe finished off its first season with some shocking revelations as the Lucian Alliance took control of Destiny. Fortunately, a few things were answered at Friday's Comic-Con panel in San Diego to quell fans' fears.

TJ (Alaina Huffman) and Chloe (Elyse Levesque, who wasn't in attendance) are alive after having been shot in the final episodes. The question is, what society will they be living in when they wake up?

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When the second season premieres, the stranded Lucian Alliance and Destiny crews will have to start working together. "We're dealing with the repercussions of the end of Season 1, and having some of those Lucian Alliance people on board the ship, and how they eventually weave their way into the [people's lives] on board," said executive producer Robert Cooper, who moderated the panel. 

Eli (David Blue) will begin a relationship with one of the Lucian Alliance members. Blue joked that he felt "lucky" that Eli is getting a real love interest. "Nerds need love, too," he said. "I really like the evolution of the Eli and Chloe relationship, and it's nice to see that grow in its own way, but then also have something else going on for him."

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Not only will Eli have a new love interest this season, but he'll also go head-to-head with a Stargate Atlantis alum. David Hewlett, who played Dr. Rodney McKay, will bring out a dark side of Eli, while Robert Picardo will also stop by.

As for how the ship will fare during the takeover, Dr. Rush — played by Robert Carlyle, who will also direct Episode 4 in the new season — will discover the bridge of Destiny, captain's chair and all. "It becomes a character for the rest of the season," said Carlyle.