Clifton Collins Jr. by Alexandra Wyman/ Clifton Collins Jr. by Alexandra Wyman/
Variety reports that

Clifton Collins Jr. ( Thief) and Chris Hemsworth (I've got nada) have joined the cast of J.J. Abrams' Star Trek feature, playing the right-hand man to Eric Bana's villainous Nero and Captain Kirk's father, George ( George?!), respectively.... Entourage's Kevin Dillon is Lisa Kudrow's husband in Hotel for Dogs, a kid flick in which an orphaned Emma Roberts runs a sort of B&B for strays.... Marcus Nispel, who revved up the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise in 2003, is thisclose to signing on to reboot Friday the 13th. Please tell me he's gonna get Harriet Sansom Harris to play the Betsy Palmer part. She'd be wild! - Ben Katner