The Star Trek franchise is no stranger to breaking barriers. Not only did it give us television's first interracial kiss, but Captain Kirk also taught us that it's okay to get it on with an alien.

Still, there is one more boundary that Star Trek has to break: an openly gay character on its roster. That wall will fall with the start of CBS All Access' Star Trek: Discovery, which will introduce viewers to Lt. Stamets (played by Anthony Rapp).

Entertainment Weekly has the first photo of Lt. Stamets, and he's looking official as all heck.

Anthony Rapp, Star Trek: DiscoveryAnthony Rapp, Star Trek: Discovery

We caught up with Rapp at this year's Comic-Con in San Diego and asked him about playing the franchise's first gay character.

Anthony Rapp on Playing Star Trek's First Openly Gay Character: "No Big Deal"

"What we do in our show is we hold the banner for diversity by just being ourselves," he said. "Not by having shows that are about those issues per se. You see my character in a relationship with my partner, who's a man. And there's no commentary about it, and there's no issue about it among my captain or my crewmates or anything like that. It just is."

That's a future we can get behind.

Star Trek: Discovery premieres Sept. 24 on CBS before moving exclusively to CBS All Access.