Spencer Pratt Spencer Pratt

No wonder Lauren Conrad is a dog person!

On Tuesday's season finale of Celebrity Wife Swap, Spencer Pratt got much more than he bargained for with Olympian Amanda Beard. Not only did Pratt get beat by Beard in a swimming race — duh! — but he was attacked by a canine on Beard's last day.

In the video below, Beard decides to test the ex-reality TV star's ability to function under stress by sicking a huge, well-trained German Shepherd on him. Although Pratt has protection on covering his right arm.

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"He's looking at you like a big breakfast burrito," Beard tells Pratt right before the dog races at him and rips the protection off his arm.

However, the real horrifying part of this video is the fact this training is to help to The Hills alum see what it takes to realize his dream of becoming an FBI field agent. Spencer Pratt? FBI?! Say it ain't so!

Check out the full clip below to also see his hilarious karate and fighting techniques:

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