Question: Any special episodes of ER coming up?

Answer: Big poops! There's a huge plane-crash episode planned for Nov. 17 that'll feature tennis ace Serena Williams as a woman caught in the wreckage on the ground. November/December will also spotlight guest turns by former teen idol C. Thomas Howell (Nov. 10) and The Practice's Lisa Gay Hamilton (Dec. 8). But the really big news is that Rescue Me spitfire Callie Thorne she plays Denis Leary's psycho stalker Sheila has landed the pivotal role of John Leguizamo's sexed-up ex. Her first episode airs Dec. 8 and, well, I may have to start watching ER again!

OK, folks, that's all the poop that's fit to print. Before I go, what do you say you join me in a chorus of "Fight On!" to commemorate USC's historic win Saturday against the Fighting Irish. Please? Don't make me sing it alone. OK, all together now:

Fight on for ol' SC
Our men fight on to victory
Our alma mater dear,
looks up to you
Fight on and win
For ol' SC
Fight on to victory
Fight on!