Question: You made it seem so special to be the owner of an Ausiello ice-cream scoop. I bragged about it. I worshipped it. But now you are giving out these scoops in Ask Ausiello like they are nothing more than metal spoons that say "Ausiello Scoop." What's up with that? I might have to take my scoop out of its display case.

Answer: I wouldn't do that if I were you. I can assure you that the Ausiello Scoop you have in your possession is extremely valuable and highly collectable. But don't take my word for it. After factoring in the low edition size (250), the quality of the product (faux stainless steel) and the popularity of the subject (me), one eBay insider who asked not to be identified for fear of public ridicule quickly dubbed it "the most sought-after piece of Ausiello swag produced in the past 90 days." I apologize if I somehow cheapened the prize by randomly giving out a few of the remaining Scoops in AA. That certainly wasn't my intent. If it makes you feel better, I promise from this point forward to only reward truly deserving AAddicts like yourself with a Scoop. K?