Donald Trump had a memorable cameo (in cartoon form) on Wednesday's episode of South Park, but we're guessing he isn't too thrilled with the appearance.

In the episode, titled "Where My Country Gone?," Mr. Garrison rapes and murders Trump, who has been elected the president of Canada, because he is outraged over the influx of Canadian immigrants into the United States. (Sound familiar?)

"We should have put up a g-dd--- wall," Mr. Garrison says at the beginning of the episode, echoing Trump's foreign policy regarding Mexico.

After he gets fired from his job at South Park Elementary because of his political views, Mr. Garrison heads to Canada (illegally, since Canada has erected a wall to keep Americans out) to speak to the country's leader - who is described as "this brash a-hole who just spoke his mind. He didn't really offer any solutions. He just said outrageous things."

Watch part of the scene here: