Univision CEO Randy Falco is not a fan of Donald Trump.

Unless you've been ignoring the Internet for the last eight months — in which case, welcome back! — Trump has done everything short of denouncing the Univision network and the entire Latino population in America.

Most recently, he ignored noted journalist Jorge Ramos at a press conference until Ramos had to shout out his question about immigration, prompting Trump's security team to escort the man known as the "Latino Walter Cronkite" out of the room.

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"The recent treatment that Jorge Ramos received at Mr. Trump's press conference in Iowa is beneath contempt," Falco said in a statement, which was published on Mediaite. "As a Presidential candidate, Mr. Trump is going to get tough questions from the press and has to answer them."

As for Ramos, Falco said, "He always asks hard questions of candidates and elected officials, regardless of party or issue. Mr. Trump demonstrated complete disregard for him and for the countless Hispanics whom Jorge seeks to represent through press questions that are at the heart of the First Amendment."

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