Question: Sorry to hear about your Trojans, Ausiello! Tough break. With all the changes on Thursday night, I've noticed that Joey is nowhere to be found. What's going on?

Answer: It's just on a little hiatus while NBC sees if it can do better with its new Thursday comedy block. (So far so mediocre, based on last Thursday's ratings.) I can tell you that when Joey does make it back on the sched., we're finally going to meet the doofus who gave birth to the Tribbster. That's right, producers are currently casting Joey and Gina's hard-to-please pa, Joey Tribbiani Sr., for an episode to air, well, whenever. (Ooops! As several readers just pointed out to me, this would actually represent a recast since we already met Joey Sr. in Season 1 of Friends when he was played by Robert Costanzo. In my defense, that was, like, 100 years ago.)