It isn't easy being ugly. Just ask Harland Williams, the lesser-known "girl" in Sorority Boys (opening Friday). The comedian — who dresses in drag alongside pretty boys Barry Watson (7th Heaven) and Michael Rosenbaum (Smallville) in the film — admits that, unlike his co-stars, he's no dreamboat!

"I ain't pretty as a guy, so I sure as hell ain't going to be pretty as a girl," laments Williams, who describes his scene-stealing character as "Kenny G. with a red wig on." In — or out — of the girlie getup, he cracks, "I wasn't going to try and have any illusions that I was a hottie... I'm not going to make the pages of Penthouse magazine anytime soon, I'll tell you that!"

The Canadian-born actor, whose credits include Freddy Got Fingered, The Whole Nine Yards and The Geena Davis Show, says the biggest drag about cross-dressing "was just assembling all the pieces. Sometimes you'd get everything on and realize you'd forgot to put your bra on."

And what about the biggest advantage? "Sometimes the brassiere got a little tight, but it was almost a comforting experience," he admits. "Like I was being hugged by a koala!"