Few would argue that one of the most engrossing story arcs on this season's Sopranos has been Adriana's inevitable discovery that she's been the target of an FBI undercover sting operation. The bombshell was dropped on the future mob wife during the Sept. 22 episode, when she learned that her best buddy, personal shopper Danielle, was actually a G-woman in disguise. Adriana's explosive reaction — she hurled on the FBI's conference table — is sure to rank as one of the year's most memorable TV moments.

"It was a nightmare [shooting that scene]," Drea de Matteo, Adriana's portrayer, laments to TV Guide Online. "There were a lot of things to concentrate on, like cleaning me off, cleaning off my dog, cleaning off the other characters, cleaning off the table, cleaning off my Harry Winston bracelet — which was very important."

Although the actress wouldn't reveal whether the on-camera upchucking was authentic — "Let's just say that we're really good at everything we do at The Sopranos," she winks — the NYU grad did agree to purge the secret recipe behind Adriana's puke du jour. "I would say there was some oatmeal, juice, salsa, guacamole, tomato soup," she recalls, "things to make vomit look real."

Of course, there's nothing like a partnership with the feds to give a Sopranos star that oh-so-queasy feeling. Already, fans are speculating whether Adriana may end up getting whacked for her naiveté. "We all [fear for our characters' lives]," admits de Matteo, who nonetheless loves being in the thick of such a juicy plot. "It's sad and it's funny. Every scene that Adriana is in is pathetic, but they're still the funniest scenes on the show."

While viewers await Adriana's fate, de Matteo is keeping busy juggling a number of side projects — all of them on the up-and-up. In addition to maintaining her Manhattan boutique Filth Mart, she's got her burgeoning film career (she just completed the girl band flick Pray for Rock and Roll) and her duties as spokeswoman for José Cuervo — which includes serving as an "Ambassador" to the 8-acre Caribbean island known as CuervoNation. "I like to call myself the queen," she laughs. Hmm... how does one land such a cushy — albeit inexplicable — gig? Boasts the sassy bachelorette: "I'm the number one Cuervo drinker in the United States!"