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Sophia Bush's Message to Hilarie Burton Will Make You Ready for that One Tree Hill Reunion

Feels, so many feels

Amanda Bell

The cast of One Tree Hillsure has been making a strong case for a reboot in recent months.

After their partial "family reunion" in May, which got almost all the central cast members back together for a nostalgic convention stop, Sophia Bush has been laying it on thick about Hilarie Burton and all the fun times these two real-life besties have shared over the course of the show's production -- and beyond.

To celebrate Burton's birthday, Bush shared this snapshot of the two from the CW's 2006 launch party, along with an exceptionally gushy caption that proves that the epic friendship of these two on-screen didn't hold a candle to what was happening behind the scenes.

Bush wrote, "We've been through a lot. At least 374 hair colors together. Crushes. Heartbreaks. Hangovers. Halloweens. Tears and laughter. Fear and joy. Successes and burn-it-to-the-ground failures. We've fought like rams and loved like family. It's such a thrill to be in this place with you, 14 years after we first met and danced too late in bars -- still giddy that we were finally 21 -- and to watch you shine." She even mentioned something about them plucking their eyebrows too thin together and alpaca whispering, just to get us all extra interested.

Although Burton has said she isn't interested in a One Tree Hill reboot, perhaps this touching tribute will remind her of all the good times she and Bush had on set -- and change her mind? After all, there's some unfinished business between Brooke and Peyton, isn't there? (Hence the hashtag #Breyton4eva.) Besides, Bush's schedule is clearing up a bit soon as she takes leave of Chicago P.D.

Their former co-star Jamie Lafferty is definitely down for it; he told ET Online last March that he'd already figured out what his own character would be up to in a real-time revival. "Nathan's gone back into basketball, coaching in the NBA. Haley's got an incredible music career. Jamie, I think, is on his way to the NBA and then maybe there's a few more, like 14 more, Scott kids coming through the pipeline," he postulated.

If nothing else, we can at least hope Bush's picture post might encourage someone to greenlight that "kick-ass girl project" Burton pitched for herself and Bush to do next.

Fingers crossed.