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Justin Roiland's New Series Solar Opposites Looks Just as F---ed Up as Rick and Morty

Here's the next show you won't understand if you're not smart enough *tips Fedora*

Tim Surette

Will someone please check on Justin Roiland, the creator of Rick and Morty? There's no way this man isn't one crudely drawn picture of a twisted monster with vaguely genital-like appendages away from the loony bin. He has a new show coming out on Hulu called Solar Opposites, and from the looks of the first trailer, it's going to be just as nutty as Rick and Morty.

Once again, family is at the center of Solar Opposites, but instead of a reckless alcoholic grandfather abusing his idiot grandson, a family of aliens experiences what it's like to live in middle America. And do heroin. And kill lots of birds. Yep, just more of Roiland's demented brain soup splattered on the screen as a cartoon! I can't wait.

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Roiland provides some voice work, as do Silicon Valley's Thomas Middleditch and The Goldberg's Sean Giambrone. Unlike Rick and Morty, Dan Harmon isn't involved, so maybe the charming offensiveness will be taken down a notch.

All eight episodes will premiere on Hulu on Friday, May 8.

​Solar Opposites

Solar Opposites