Elton John Elton John

Here's some unsurprising news: Everyone's talking about the Super Bowl! As a result, it's locked down the No. 1 spot in TVGuide.com's Social Power Rankings. But football fans appear to be just as passionate about the commercials as they are about their teams' chances. Want proof? We wrote a story asking whether you thought Super Bowl ads were running too early, and an overwhelming 77 percent of you said "Heck yeah!"

@CSSully tweeted, "I've purposely ignored most of the 'teasers' because seeing them for the first time is part of the Super Bowl experience!" Facebook user Troy Morris agrees. "It's not a true Super Bowl commercial if any of it airs prior to the game. It's all just hype and everything is spoiled. The best commercials will be the ones we have no idea about. Always are." We hear ya, Troy!

However, @LittleSavedGirl is looking on the bright side: "Seeing them on Super Bowl Sunday will be just another opportunity to pee."

Here's what else had everyone talking this week: The alternate reality that took over Grey's Anatomy, and is Georgina really Gossip Girl?

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