Alex O'Loughlin Alex O'Loughlin

Hey, guess what, guys? The world has made it safe for Alex O'Loughlin to remove his shirt for at least another full season of Hawaii Five-0. Yes, that's right; the show isn't going to be canceled any time soon.

But when that fateful day comes, watch out! When we merely suggested that the show isn't performing as well as it has in the past, y'all got out your pitchforks and cauldrons of boiling oil and stormed the castle! "Five-0? Seriously? It just gets better each week — no way should it be dropped," said Facebook user Paul Gray. Twitter follower @ssigafoos was a little more direct. "Eleven million viewers. Leading demo/timeslot all season. Most DVR'd show on CBS. The peeps @TVGuide are clearly drunk." And?! (Hic.)

On the other hand, not everybody has signed on to the Cult of Aloha Abs. Commenter Barbreader enjoys the show, but "wouldn't miss if it disappeared." (Duck, Barbreader!)

Other topics that have users hot and bothered this week? The Pretty Little Liars Halloween-themed prequel lent credence to game-changing theories about "A"'s identity and we met Rossi's terminally ill first ex-wife on Criminal Minds.

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