Katherine Heigl, Grey's Anatomy Katherine Heigl, Grey's Anatomy

Wow, you guys are in a tizzy over Izzie! As a result, Grey's Anatomy is the No. 1 show in our Social Power Rankings. Katherine Heigl recently announced that she "really, really, really wants to see where [Izzie] is" — so much so, that she's already asked to return to the show.

While some of you would be thrilled to have Dr. Stevens back at Seattle Grace, others are so over her. "I'm a big fan of the show. I think that it's better than ever and I feel like the Izzie chapter was closed, at Heigl's request," tweeted @jackiegkenyon. TVGuide.com commenter mars8664  agrees, but wouldn't mind Izzie's return — under one condition. "Grey's is much better without her. If they have to bring her back — how about in a body bag?" Ouch!

Not everyone is against the idea though. "I miss Izzie and I'd really like to see some closure with respect to the Alex-Izzie relationship," Barrett Justice posted on our Facebook wall. TVGuide.com user pattimarie1 is equally as nostalgic. "There was something special about that group of interns that first year. I'd love to see a one- or two-episode reunion of them all (T.R. Knight too)."

What do you think? Should Katherine Heigl return to Grey's Anatomy?

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