Dancing With the Stars Dancing With the Stars

If the success or failure of a reality TV season depends on its casting, we're a little iffy on the new season of Dancing With the Stars. It's been hard to hear much of anything around here since we published the new cast announcement, drowned out as we have been by the fans' cries of disappointment. No wonder the show is No. 1 in our Social Power Rankings!

"This is not Dancing with the Stars at all. It should be Dancing with Some People You Might Know or Have Heard Of — Maybe. Can't we get anyone current that is really a star?" wrote TVGuide.com commenter Pat34501. TVGuide.com commenter SacNews agrees: "Dancing With The Has-Beens."

On Twitter, @JoleneAL doesn't have much to say at all, tweeting, "1 word: Yawn." Facebook fan Kali Gebeda has abandoned the show completely. "The day they book Brad Pitt on this show is the day I'll start paying attention to it again," she wrote.

Here's what else you're buzzing about this week: House's finale, sans Lisa Edelstein; and The Bachelor's final two! Check back anytime to see the latest Social Power Rankings, which are updated in real time throughout the week.

What do you think of this season's cast?