David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel

Everyone was buzzing about Bones this week, sending it to the top spot of TVGuide.com's Social Power Rankings following Thursday's Season 7 premiere.

What specifically got you talking? We asked whether the Brennan-Booth romance would curse the show, Moonlighting­-style. But you guys aren't worried in the least. "I definitely think the new dynamic re-energizes the series," wrote TVGuide.com user Mkroggasch. "I can't wait to see how exactly the baby and them being a couple influences the rest of the team. I think it is going to be pretty amazing."

On Facebook, Tara Dawes agrees. "I have faith in [executive producer] Hart Hanson. [Booth and Bones] will pull a rabbit out of their hat with this one and break the Moonlighting curse!" Commenter Darbyelsa1 has had enough of this theory altogether. "I'm so tired of the 'Moonlighting curse' argument — it is ridiculous. Moonlighting did not go off the rails because Maddie and David got together, but because the writers went utterly mad."

So there you have it: Long live Booth, Brennan, and baby!

Other hot topics this week: Conan's return to New York (most of you were thrilled about his stint on the East Coast) and Glee's "Pot of Gold" episode, which debuted The Glee Project winner Damian McGinty.

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