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So Help Me Todd's Eliza Coupe Reveals Veronica Is Definitely Not Done with Todd Yet

The trouble is just starting with this one

Megan Vick

[Warning: The following contains spoilers for So Help Me Todd Episode 10. Read at your own risk!]

We've gotten to know Todd (Skyler Astin) over the first season of So Help Me Todd, and watched him grow as he inches his way to being able to get his private investigator license reinstated. Thursday's episode, "The Devil We Know," gave us the biggest glimpse of Todd's past and was crucial in revealing what caused him to lose his license and enter a downward spiral in the first place. 

When Margaret (Marcia Gay Harden) was on the verge of losing a big case centered around the death of an investigative journalist, Todd turned to his ex-girlfriend and business partner Veronica (Eliza Coupe) to help get important inside information from prison. The entire family was against Todd being in any contact with Veronica, as she's in prison for the crime that caused him to lose his license, and the family was scared Todd would fall back into her clutches. While he managed to avoid that, at least temporarily, he didn't get out completely unscathed. 

Veronica was able to use her role in helping Todd and Margaret uncover a ring of dirty cops in the Portland Police Department to get herself an early release from prison. The last scene of the episode showed her walking the streets of Portland as a free woman, and Todd completely unaware that the woman who ruined his life was able to do it again. 

TV Guide caught up with Eliza Coupe to talk about Veronica's true intentions and whether Todd is safe from her future nefarious plans. Spoiler alert: He definitely is not.

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Veronica is out of prison. Was that her plan all along or is that something that she came up with along the way once she realized how much she was helping Todd?
Eliza Coupe: I think that she realized that along the way. Quite quickly there was a dawning moment. She always can find the moment where she's supposed to be helping someone else but she helps herself instead. She's looking for that moment and she is just one of those people that can make sure everything works in her favor, no matter if it was even intended to be about her – she makes it about her. 

So was she ever genuinely trying to help Todd, or was she always angling for something better for herself?
Coupe: I think that she enjoyed being the one that he needed help from. Then she realized it was going to help herself and she really only cares about herself. 

Is this the last we've seen of Veronica or does she have more in store for Todd?
Coupe: I'm about to go up to Vancouver to film, so it is definitely not the last. 

Do you think she feels any remorse for what she did to Todd?
Coupe: Skyler and I talked about that and it's very hard to tell if she even has a heart in there. She's very good at it. Like most narcissists, they're really good at pretending and they can mimic what it is to have empathy and compassion, but they don't know how to access that in a genuine way. I think she is a very good mimic, but I don't know for certain that she can actually feel it. 

Eliza Coupe, So Help Me Todd

Eliza Coupe, So Help Me Todd


The audience learns what Veronica did from Marcia Gay Harden's character, but what were your conversations like with the producers and what did you fill in yourself about what happened between Veronica and Todd?
Coupe: I figured, given the material that I was given and read, and Marcia Gay's reaction, Todd's sister's reaction, and everyone's reaction – I was like, "Oh, she did something really bad. She destroyed his reputation, his career, everything, all for her own gain." I never got the specifics until later. I was going off of the worst case scenario so I just played it that way. 

You said that you're heading back already, but what was the thing you wanted to know most or do most as Veronica once you finished this episode?
Coupe: I wanted her to be even more vile. Part of me wants her to soften and show some humaneness or some heart, but also I just want to see her do something completely vile yet brilliant and just f—k some sh— up. 

What was your favorite part about playing this character?
Coupe: I loved working with Skyler. He is so wonderful. We have so much fun together. That's on a personal note, but then playing this character, I love how she's so calculated and cruel, yet that's all wrapped in this beautiful light. I like how she disguises it. 

How worried should we be about Todd knowing that Veronica is out of prison now?
Coupe: I think we should be pretty worried.