Snoopy Snoopy

Talk about the dog days of summer.

Last week, the greatest canine to ever grace the comics and our TV screens was off the leash — literally — during his trip to Comic-Con International. Not only was the world famous beagle prepping for the 40th anniversary of A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, he was the subject of a retrospective panel at the annual pop-culture convention, and was celebrating his rise to top dog in the social-media world with the release of Facebook stickers that allow users to slap Snoopy images on private messages.

In addition, the pooch who has 2 million-plus pals on Mark Zuckerberg's hot spot also has a growing Instagram and Twitter fan following, which saw a series of photos posted over the weekend featuring Chuck's best friend taking an #instawalk around the convention floor to hang with and hug the masses. He even stopped by the TV Guide Magazine yacht, where he was presented with a personalized food bowl and a whole lot of love during an exclusive photo shoot.

Guess you can teach an old dog new tricks!

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