Will Ferrell, Saturday Night Live Will Ferrell, Saturday Night Live

Saturday Night Live vet Will Ferrell stopped by to host for the third time with a little help from his friends, including fellow alums Ana Gasteyer (the Bobbie to his Marty Culp) and Will Forte.

Ferrell kicked things off by reprising his most famous impersonation — of former President George W. Bush. Turns out, George got a little lost about three and a half years ago and ended up moving into Vice President's Joe Biden's closet. Thankfully, George was there to make Joe feel bad after that whole gay marriage debacle:

For his monologue, Ferrell brought his own mother on stage to express his love for her... sans cue cards:

SNL's 100th digital short welcomed back some of its favorite guest stars, including Justin Bieber, Michael Bolton — along with his saxophone-playing, bare-chested sidekick Sergio, aka Jon HammNatalie Portman (motherhood has not softened her one bit) and Justin Timberlake. Timberlake and Andy Samberg were all too ready to take something out of a box and really get to celebrating. You can guess what we're referring to:

For "Weekend Update's" latest "Get in the Cage" segment, Nicolas Cage (played by Samberg) welcomed Liam Neeson to grill him about why he wasn't in Battleship. Who else is excited for the trainwreck that will be the Hungry Hungry Hippos movie?

What was your favorite sketch?