White House spokeswoman Kellyanne Conway has been a semi-regular feature of the Saturday Night Live political commentary game this year, thanks to Kate McKinnon's illustrious impersonation skills. But we've never seen her quite like this before.

On last night's Kumail Nanjiani-hosted episode of SNL, Faux Conway made another appearance — only this time, she was Kellywise, a redux of herself and Pennywise the Dancing Clown from Stephen King's It.

Channeling what is arguably It's most memorable scene — when little Georgie's paper boat gets carried by the rain down to a drain wherein the killer clown pops up to greet (and eat) him — Kellywise comes along with an offer for CNN's Anderson Cooper to join her in the float zone, where Rachel Maddow now resides, in exchange for the kind of "alternative facts"-style quote lines that have been so controversial and clicky during her tenure in the Trump Administration.

"Don't you want quote? I'll give you quote. I'll give you crazy, crazy quote," Kellywise offers, touching on a few of the most recent hot-button issues concerning the White House. "How about this: 'So, Puerto Rico actually was worse before Hurricane Maria, and the hurricane actually did blow some buildings back together, and I don't know why Elizabeth Warren won't tweet about that.'"

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When that's not enough to draw him in, she continues, "Secretary Tillerson did not call the president a moron. They were sharing a sundae, and the president asked if he wanted more sprinkles, and the secretary said 'more on.'"

Ultimately, all Kellywise wants is to get some more TV time, and she threatens Not-Cooper with headlines of his greatest fears — "Trump Re-Elected for Second Term" and "Anderson Cooper Fat Now" — before bringing out the big guns: McKinnon's Hillary Clinton persona, complete with a free copy of her book, What Happened.

That, evidently, is too tempting to turn down. It all culminates with the anchor waking up from what he believes was a nightmare, only to find out Kellywise is in the chair next to him and ready to dance, in the proverbial and physical sense.

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They all float, indeed.

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