Megan Hilty Megan Hilty

Let me be your... argh!

Gentleman may prefer blondes, but Derek (who is no gentleman, we can all agree) prefers his leading lady to be on pitch and that is so not where Ivy is in this exclusive clip from Monday's episode of Smash. Could it be time for Karen to step in and show her how it's really done?

Entitled "Chemistry," the episode also finds Eileen buddying up with awful Ellis and hitting a hipster bar in downtown Manhattan. Shame the dive probably doesn't serve martinis. From the "I will end this off-key diva" look on her face following Ivy's rickety rendition of the pilot's showstopper, we're betting Ms. Rand is dying to toss one at somebody!

What do you think? Are Ivy's days as Marilyn numbered?

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