Question: The Smallville season finale airs tomorrow night. Give us something!

Answer: Actually, I literally just finished watching the episode and, as you know, I'm not the biggest Smallville fan, but even I have to admit the episode is pretty fraktacular. Warner Bros. sent it to me on the condition I don't reveal the following four things:
1. Who dies
2. ***'* ****** 
3. Chloe's power
4.  ******'* ************ to ******* *********

Among the things I can tease:
• Clark's greatest weakness is going to be his new enemy's greatest strength.
• Lionel's true colors are revealed, and they're not as dark as we imagined.
• Lois has a dead-end run-in with one of Lex's goons in an awesome sequence.
• Clark finally tells Lana his secret again, with very similar results.